Our Focus

We operate as a mobile social music school charged with the responsibilities of satisfying our clients with excellence in reproducing sound musicians in music/education business.

Durations & Time

3months, 4 months, 6 months and 1 year Diploma.
Time (flexibility is allowed, Week days and Weekends)

The Saxophone

Under this program you can learn to play ,Learn and Master the saxophone .You will be entitled to Instructional materials ,books,videos and one on one interaction with the Director of Studies.
Course purpose
 This course will prepare the student to function as an improvising artist in any style of jazz music. Each lesson will be designed to develop both knowledge and skill in preparation for this goal. 
Expected Learning outcomes 
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to; 
1. Identify, as well as explain several different approaches to Jazz improvisation .
2. Recognize certain rhythmic patterns considered to be necessary components of the jazz language.
3. Execute all major, minor (natural, jazz melodic, harmonic), diminished whole tone scales in 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7ths.
4. Define the term “Jazz Language” 
5. Explain & demonstrate different techniques employed in the development of a good jazz improvisation.
 6. Recognize and differentiate between jazz masters of there perspective instruments as well as other jazz instrumentalists and vocalists.
 7. Construct an improvisation, employing appropriate scale choices, solid technique, competent melodic sense and rhythmic diversity, with or without accompaniment.
 8. Explain the fundamental concepts that make memorization of melodies and harmonic functions a necessity in Jazz music 
9. Discuss the major innovators of each era in jazz, explaining their contributions and defining the characteristics that led to their labels as innovators 
10. Recognize certain harmonic patterns, visually or aurally and explain there significance .
11. Explain the importance of ear training and discuss several techniques related to the development of good aural sense

Lesson Days, Time & Fees:

Lessons hold twice weekly. 
We meet 1hur 30mins in person to energize & 1hur  on whatsapp , weekend classes are available.

Tuition for three months: Sixty Thousand (N60, 000.00) SAXOPHONE
Tuition for six months: EightyThousand Naira (N80, 000.00)
NB: Learning TWO instrument  simultaneously, or one of them and voice training, costs Seventy thousand (N70,000) for 3 months. NB: Payment must be made in full before commencement of lectures.