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We love our students and our focus remains on building them to become the best that they can be from start to finish.

Our Motivation

We are motivated by the huge amount of talented young people spread across Africa, and we accept the great honour and privilege to be in a position to sharpen these talents and transform them to superstars. We are inspired by the enormous power of music – it is strong enough to positively turn our communities around and empower young people career wise. Amidst the current global economic meltdown, the entertainment industry, everywhere in the world, has remain thriving, and even in some cases serving as a bailout. We at Zadeking Music School believe that through hard work and innovation and creative thinking we can leverage on this to build a formidable music sector in Africa.

Our Vision

By 2020 we intend to reduce the manual rate at which music is been taught into Digital teaching which will allow people and ,any one who's very much interested in learning or pursuing a career in music av easy access to materials which will enable such to teach him/herself and make a decent living from music ,also build music HUBS for practical synergy..

Our Approach

Our strength lies in individuality and flexibility in attending to all our students. People learn music for different reasons, shared success comes only when the learner achieves a sense of fulfillment at the end of their program with us.
Our curriculum and teaching approach are based on most recent developments and international best practices in music training. We deliver our training services through well groomed, first-class professionals and facility.

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